Organizing & Productivity Bingo

Bingo flyer for website - no self edit + biz + NAPO

Suggested uses:

  • Hand out flyers or double-sided postcards at networking meetings and expos
  • Use as an ice-breaker game during your next presentation
  • Use as the basis of your next presentation
  • Send to former clients to stay in touch
  • See Custom-Branded Clutter Flow Chart page for more ideas
  • Be creative!

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SAMPLE Organizing Bingo Cards. CLICK TO ENLARGE

SAMPLE Organizing Bingo Cards. CLICK TO ENLARGE

All versions come with Limited Distribution Rights, printing instructions, and suggestions for use.

Custom-Branded Organizing Bingo Cards for your business = $60

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Custom-Branded Productivity Bingo Cards for your business = $60

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Both Organizing & Productivity Bingo Cards = $110

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NAPO Members:

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My Bingo Buddy

Emily Parks

Emily Parks

And my other Bingo Buddy, for the Productivity Bingo Cards, was…

…Emily Parks, of Organize For Success, who wrote: “Hazel, would you consider a version of your Organizing Bingo cards for productivity consultants / business organizing?   That would be extremely useful for my speaking engagements. Thanks!”

Indeed I would! Thanks for your help, Emily!
And here’s what she had to say after trying them out:

“Hazel’s Productivity Bingo cards provide a creative way for potential clients to self-assess their needs for my services. When I’m giving a presentation, the bingo cards are an excellent tool for attendees to use in thinking about their own needs; plus, when I’m exhibiting at any events or expos, the bingo cards get conversations started about issues with which professionals struggle in being productive, maintaining work-life integration and keeping their sanity. This tool is very much appreciated!”